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Cannabis Cloning

One of the steps that farmers and other plant growers take to improve their yields is the option of introducing clones. For those in the farming of cannabis, they can consider cannabis clones as an option to improve their yields. For you to successfully clone cannabis, you will need to have some tips on the preparation of cannabis clones. The use of cannabis clones in the farming of cannabis is safe since it does not affect the key concerns affecting production and yield like potency as such your worries over yield are quashed. This article presents a brief into the ways and some of the steps you can employ to clone your cannabis plants.

The first step towards doing a successful cannabis clone will be to identify which of your plants is the healthiest and most successful in yields to be the mother plant. Ideally you can choose to have a favorite plant already for this purpose. Also you will need to identify their sexes. The factors you will need to mind as you select the mother plant are the hardiness of the mother plant, speed of growth should be rapid, high in yield, with large roots and the strength of the buds should also be good.

The ideal stage for taking the cuttings for your cannabis clones is when the mother plant is in its vegetative stage. If the cuttings are taken when the mother plant is in the flowering stage, the result will be death of the clone since it will not find easy root. If you are afost timer in cannabis clone preparation, then you may find difficulty identifying the ideal mother plant. The general advice would be to select that plant of female sex which is in its vegetative state and equally looking the healthiest in your farm. This step will ideally help you select the plant that qualifies for the requirements of an ideal mother plant like hardiness and rapidity in growth.
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Avoid the selection of clone plants from feminized seeds and instead go for regular seeds in your selection of cannabis clone plants. Another point to consider is the age of your clone plant. The cannabis clone plant should at least be two months old. Such a step will enable you get multiple clones from the same mother plant.
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The identified clone plants requires some special preparation for proper cloning of your cannabis. A step towards preparing the mother plant for clipping will see their nitrogen supply and consumption reduced by some slight margin.