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Dating owens wie flirtet ein verheirateter mann glass bottles are no ther dots dating owens glass bottles marks on the strom und gaskosten singlehaushalt bottom of the bottle. August 8, at 4: September 6, at 8: Slowly the corked top bottle began to disappear in favor of the screw top. There are no cracks. Because there were more Owens-Illinois glass plants than any other? September 15, at 6: This page guides a user through the key for seven different type and age bottles with several being side-by-side comparisons of very similar bottles of dating owens glass bottles eras. The Bottle has the number 16 in a circle next to 2 curved lines, embossed on top front and back side. This has created confusion for researchers. It was and owns duraglas bottle!! The vast majority of U. August 28, at 2: March 7, at W…… can you help me figure out what or when it is from its driving me crazy! December 13, at 1: Close up of iron pontil. Perhaps a reader will have more info on when these were produced. of people ask Digger questions about strom und gaskosten singlehaushalt their bottles. In the experience of the website author, these machine-made bottles are rarely encountered and likely a function of early machine-made wares to s that had less dating owens glass bottles mold fitting and resulted in the need for fire polishing to enable proper closure. If you respond I would appreciate it very much. That does help a lot. September 15, at 5: Now I have a picture of each page of the book stored on my computer. You can email a pic of the bottle to the email address listed at the lower right-hand corner of any page on this site. Beneath the O is a period and beneath the period all of this on the left is the number 13 on the left and then the diamond and O plus I shape and also to the right a number 2.

The transition period between one- and twodigit date codes is usually clearly marked. Another exception was provided by David Whitten. A final discrepancy was also noted by Whitten personal communication. One additional discrepancy is worth mentioning. An interesting exception to the usual markings is the date and plant codes on the bases of Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola bottles. That 7 placed there could literally mean anything. The 7 to the right of the Owens-Illinois mark is a date code for the final year the plant was openso the mold had laid in storage at least dating owens glass bottles years prior to its reuse. The dating scheme, however, remained the same with the company code to the left of mark dating owens glass bottles the date code to the right. It is frostier and more scratched and appears to have been in the water longer than Exhibit D. However, beginning with the first ACL fountain syrup dating owens glass bottles inall Pepsi bottles followed a specific format. I found your article very helpful. If too many bottles fail QC, they know where to look. When such marks are present, they are usually on the heel of the bottle. This closure can be found on Whisky and medicine bottles of the period. In very small wie neue leute kennenlernen tipps bottles, Owens- Illinois often left off the date, plant, and mold codes completely; only the logo remained. I found a glass jar with an singles in rheine und umgebung "I" in an oval, factory code 10 and year code The number on the right is our year code and what we are most interested in. I know this was a long post, but I hoped you have all learned as much as I have. There are at least three different types of marks embossed on returnable bottles by the manufacturer. Foundation, 22 Dating owens glass bottles. Owens-Illinois very inconsistent with its date codes. If it is a year code, the thickness of the glass and the lack of a period after the 9 suggests a manufacturing date of He subsequently invented a series of bottle machines which his company sold to other bottle makers, besides using them in dating owens glass bottles own factories. One unique closure to the late s was a three point screw top. On many flasks, the factory and date codes are both to the left of the logo separated by a dash and are oriented perpendicular to the logo. As a slight aside, Giarde Probably, technicians learned to change or sharpen the knives more dating owens glass bottles or some other technical discovery allowed for the more refined scar.


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Mar 03,  · On almost a weekly basis someone will come along and inquire about dating bottles, with many of the inquiries specifically related to.

How to Date Owens-Illinois Glass. Updated on December the Owens-Illinois companies rules and standards when it came to dating and stamping their glass bottles.

DATING BOTTLES BY THEIR TOPS AND BASES. the pontil is actually broken glass where the metal rod used to This was the manner in which the early Owens bottles.

Between 0 and c. 1, Owens Bottle Company and Owens-Illinois Glass Company made millions of bottles and jars including familiar ones such as 7-Up and Heinz.

Mar 03,  · On almost a weekly basis someone will come along and inquire about dating bottles, with many of the inquiries specifically related to.

Most are in quart size, a dating owens-illinois glass bottles are pint size, and a few are half gallon size. July 2, at 6: The commonly used generic name for this type closure and finish is a "straddle-lip top seal" Roller Pages deprecated image syntax Pages using infobox company with unsupported parameters. John Adams Richard M. Actually, the pink jar is a new reproduction from China. One should be aware that there is a lot form and decorative variety within this category dating owens-illinois glass bottles specifically covered by the bottles, though those discussed in the following are commonly encountered dating owens-illinois glass bottles Zumwalt The height-to-width ratio of bottles is high to adult cups because it is needed to ensure the contents flood the teat when used at normal angles; otherwise the baby will drink air. In industrial production, it usually has a moving belt to carry the glass through at controlled speeds, and is divided into different areas each with its own heat source, making it possible to carefully regulate the temperature gradient to which the glass is submitted. A list of liquor bottle permit numbers issued to various glass companies that produced liquor bottles can be brought up easily with a keyword search on google using those four words. When laminated safety glass breaks, the pieces remain attached to the internal plastic layer and the glass remains transparent. A softbound copy is available below. Its the more or less standard color, its hand blown, it has what appears to be 2 vent holes on either side and the embossing is extremely clear and its lettering edges very sharp. June 2, at 8: It has notes of amber around the very top of the lid and other hues difficult to explain and see because of the deep ruby of the glass. The following discussions cover the two major classes of gothic sauces: The air bubble defects were called blisters. Marble or slag A type of glass that is opaque and streaked. I suspect these other markings may indicate things like glass type, production run, etc. However, this bottle design with the ribbed lower body was patented by Leggett on February 26th, giving a good begin date i. Any information would be greatly appreciated. There is a noticeable - though surely not absolute - trend towards less ornate embossing for square gothic pickles as time progressed during the last third of the 19th century. The glass ribbon is drawn vertically from the tank for about 70 cm by dating owens-illinois glass bottles metal "bait" before being bent over a roller into the horizontal plane ready for cutting and annealing. However, since the stearate is destroyed by firing or any subsequent processing, the treatment needs to be repeated after the firing of applied colour labels. Be aware also that just about any of the bottles listed in this section could have been - and were - used for any of above noted food products and many more not listed; only an original label tells for sure, some of which are shown below.

The abbreviated date code was apparently pretty common on small bottles. Owens-Illinois was very dating owens-illinois glass bottles with its date codes. Each glass making company has their own method of labeling their products. Michael Owens learned glass making in Wheeling. The history is a little confusing, and as is of the internet, varies from website to website, dating owens-illinois glass bottles each website having their own sources, and their own account of what happened. But first a little about the Owens-Illinois Glass Co. Continuation of the "Closure Division" section 17 catalog pages - Contains a lot of illustrations and information on a myriad of metal and molded closures for the O-I products. The stippling idea appears to have evolved about the same time, and all this was conceived in conjunction with the Duraglas process. If too many bottles fail QC, they know where to look. The factory dates are as follows: However, many of the bottles had a zero followed by a period. By the s, the changes are virtually impossible to detect, probably because of improved technical skills. Continuation of the "Pharmaceutical and Division" products 10 catalog pages - Includes more toilets, perfumes, and bath salts. Dating owens-illinois glass bottles times, the plant and date codes are placed somewhere else — wie flirtet ein verheirateter mann not in conjunction with the logo. Continuation of the "Food Container Dating owens-illinois glass bottles products 20 catalog pages - Includes pepper sauces, various specialty ware like shelf jars, glass buckets and pails, barrel jars, "modernistic" jars, more juice and sauce bottles, fancy vinegars and cruets, more packer and coffee jars, mustard, dating owens-illinois glass bottles, preserves, pickles, peanut butter, candy, relish, and a few others. Also, either above or below the logo and the line of code above it is a single letter followed by a three- or four-digit number. For example, instead of a date code on the bottom of the bottle, Pepsi and Cola often printed their date on the side of the bottle, so they could have left the I out of the symbol. Neither was formally dated as they were to be used and in effect quite a few years, the catalog being the update to the version which was an update of the prior version printed about Owens-Illinois also manufactured fruit jars. also also helped generally date the similar products of other glass companies emulated the O-I offerings or vice versa. The number on the right is our year code and what we are most interested in.

O-I Fire and Sand - How Glass Is Made

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Frequently Asked Questions -- Fruit Jars. From: Dave Hinson Summary: Assorted answers to questions frequently asked about fruit jars and related.

A baby bottle is a bottle with a teat (also called a nipple in the US) to drink directly from. It is typically used by infants and young children, or if someone.

Frequently Asked Questions -- Fruit Jars. From: Dave Hinson Summary: Assorted answers to questions frequently asked about fruit jars and related.

Welcome to the BLM/SHA Historic Glass Bottle Identification & Information Website!

Welcome! Glass Bottle Marks~ Antique glass soda, whiskey, beer, food bottles;jars, telephone insulators,Identification markings,Manufacturer logos, emblems.

Dating owens illinois glass Dating owens illinois glass, dating owens-illinois bottles

Owens-Illinois Glass Company was the result of the merger between two glass-making giants of the industry: Base codes Owens-Illinois amber glass handled jug, or date code, made at factory B was jug style number.

Pic courtesy of Crystal Arant. See list of 19 currently operating glass container singles in rheine und umgebung plants in North America, farther down on this page. Most of the pics show the first and most widely recognized mark used beginning in As pictured, it can vary slightly from one container to another. Latest confirmed date code with this older trademark known on a bottle is On the typical bottle, there is usually a number to the left of, to the right of, and below, the trademark.

Several of the plant numbers used by O-I have been re-used by other plants opened in later yearsso it is important to take into consideration the date code, the bottle style and other characteristics to positively identify which plant location made a particular bottle. Most bottles from the late s into the s and s have two-digit date codes.

For more info, please check out the extensive article by Bill Lockhart and Russ Hoenig; link farther down on this page. The second mark was phased in during the s with the removal of the diamond. Some bottle molds already in use were not re-engraved until as late as,even, as mentioned, in Also, there are several posts scattered through the comments farther down on this page where we have discussed this question. Photo courtesy of Taylor McBurney. Dating owens illinois glass to Ken Rudd for submitting this photo.

Hemingray was a prolific maker of electrical insulators of many types and sizes for power lines, telegraph, telephone and other uses. Within a year or two, most glass insulators produced at Muncie were carrying date codes. See my webpage on Hemingray Glass Company for more information on Hemingray insulators. Known as Owens-Illinois, Inc. They are located in: Montreal, Quebec and Brampton, Ontario.

To return to the main Glass Dating owens illinois glass Marks page, please click here. Please click here to go to my Home Page. Hope this helps, David. I have found an old Owens Bottle Co. Does anyone have information on this book? I found an amber jar with the I in an O no diamond from plant 14, but the date code is just a 0 no period. Vicki, single dating owens illinois glass date codes were still used in the s and afterward.

Not nearly as often as double-digit date codes, but they were used occasionally, especially on dating owens illinois glass containers. I would guess your jar was made in either or Since there is no period behind the 0 I assumed it was the s but it also has raised letting on the foot of the bottle saying Duraglas. So would this have been made in the s at the Bridgeton, NJ plant?

I suspect it would be fromalthough it might stand for I do NOT subscribe to the theory that ALL date codes without a dot to the right of the number necessarily means it is from the s, and all date codes WITH dots are from the s or later, but that seems to be true in quite a few cases.

How long did owen illinois use the I inside an O mark. I have a bottle with the I inside an O mark with a date code of If anyone who lands on this dating owens illinois glass has better information on the changeover, please contact me and I will update the page. Hi David, First, Thank you so much for establishing this website. I have gathered so much information already.

I feel I have started a hobby that my Father dating owens illinois glass shares a passion for, collecting glass bottles. Not exactly sure what It should be labeled as. It is clear in color and has a metal screw on type lid along a wooden rotating dating owens illinois glass fitted to a metal bracket attached along the base of the neck. The bottom of jug is not smooth, has a very textured finish.

I have a 7 on the left, a 7 on the right, and a 1 below with no above. The bottom of the base has a large below the other numbers. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you again for the great website. I would suggest you search Google Images with those keywords and see if a similar container shows up in the results.

I found an old looking bottle under my house when I was digging a fire pit. It has an odd texture and 2 vertical seems running up the sides. I cleaned it off and was able to make out the diamond with an I and O in the middle.

I found the bottom of a jar washed up on the shore of lake Michigan. The logo is the I in an oval and a diamond. Dating owens illinois glass is 7, right is 5, bottom is 5. Im just curious which year the 5 stands for. Sarah, it could stand for, or It has a finger loop at the neck and the Owens Illinois diamond on the bottom.

It has a 1 over a on the bottom as well as impressed on the bottom with considerable wrinkles in the glass from manufacturing of the jug possibly straw marks as I am not sure.

My question is what was this jug used for? Was it a fuel jug or could it have been sold dating owens illinois glass multi-purpose container for other Mike, yes, it is a multi-purpose container.

Those jugs were used for various liquids, such as vinegar, soda syrup, apple cider, etc. There is no way to be sure what was in it there is an intact label.

Mike this is so cool… believe dating owens illinois glass or not today I purchased at a garage sale the same exact jug with the same markings on the bottom except mine has! I was going to ask the same questions you did so thanks for doing all the work for me! I found several bottles. The first one has a 7 than the circle with the I in it and then a 9 all in one row. Below that is a single 9.

Below that is the word duraglas. And below that is E — Can you help me identify it? I found a clear jar. It has the logo I inside o with diamond to the left is a 4, to the right is a 6, underneath is an I or a 1. And it has 7 rings around it. It says duraglas on 2 sides… with a c Can you tell me what dating owens illinois glass it was made? Thank you in advance. It has the number 7 dating owens illinois glass the left of the symbol, 6 to the right, and a 3 below it.

It also has an X in the middle of the jug. I was hoping you could give me some information and history about this jug. Or it might have been used for edible products such as Cola syrup, vinegar or apple cider. I was able to identify my bottle with ease. You have put a lot of work into it and I appreciate it. Look forward to using your site again as Dating owens illinois glass find more cool bottles.

Anyone ever see an IP for factory code? Eric, there are examples out there that seem to make no sense, according to what information is known on the factory location and date codes. However, I would submit my guess that in some of these instances, the bottle mold might have been to another plant but the engravings dating owens illinois glass not all updated retooled correctly dating owens illinois glass the molds.

They have a circle inside a square on the bottom. I also found 4 simalar bottles one in which is 2. The last 4 do not have the green tint or bubbles in the glass but the shape seems to be almost indentical. See my page on that mark. They are probably medicine bottles of some sort. I have found something that looks like a rare bottle that Edwin W Fluerst patented with I believe that means it is an Owens bottle.

The sides of the bottle has sort of a decorative look. Like I said it looks the patented bottle but then it has the additions to it.

Can you give me information about it?

A few years I was asked to conduct the analysis of a fairly large assemblage of amber bottle glass that was excavated by the University of Texas at Dating owens illinois glass Paso.

Most of the artifacts were fragmentary and consisted dating owens illinois glass amber beer bottle glass. This provided me the opportunity to observe a large sample amber beer bottle bases from the period. That set me on a quest to look at as many Owens-Illinois bottles as I could find mostly beer, soda, and milk to see if the pattern occurred regularly.

What I discovered was a more refined way to date Owens-Illinois bottles from the period with information provided by their marks. While I was looking, I dating owens illinois glass that Pepsi-Cola dating owens illinois glass made by Owens-Illinois followed a still different pattern in their markings as did those from The Owens-Illinois Glass Co.

The Illinois Glass Co. The company was successful and made virtually every type of bottle. ByIllinois Glass had obtained the dating owens illinois glass of three Owens Automatic Bottle Machine licenses and made many other containers from semiautomatic machines.

The firm expanded until the merger with Owens see Lockhart et al. The Owens Bottle Co. Inthe firm merged with one of its major competitors, the Illinois Glass Co. The merger between Owens Glass Co. The merger was formally approved on April 17, Paquette The newly renamed organization purchased the Illinois Pacific Coast Co.

According to Paquette Owens-Illinois purchased Brockway, Inc. There are at least three different dating owens illinois glass of marks embossed on returnable bottles by the manufacturer. These were probably not placed on the containers at the behest of the purchaser the actual bottler but reflect the needs of the glass house.

Date codes are usually one- or two-digit numerals that indicate the year the bottle was made. This idea appears to have been conceived in conjunction with machinemade bottles. At this point, I have not seen date codes embossed on any blown-inmold bottles with the possible exception of Hutchinson bottles made by the Illinois Glass Co.

They probably originated as tracking devices for returnable bottles. and bottlers alike wanted to know the number of round trips a bottle would make in typical use. Mold codes are cryptic marks embossed on the heels or bases of bottles. In some cases these codes identify the individual plants that produced bottles.

Mostly, we have little or dating owens illinois glass information about the meaning of mold codes. Thus, I have begun calling these specific types of mold codes — catalog codes. The glass group to which I dating owens illinois glass has successfully matched numerous codes found on bottles with illustrations in the Whitall Tatum and Illinois Glass Co.

In other cases, we have been able to match numerical codes on numerous identical bottles to empirically define codes by certain e. Illinois Pacific Glass Co. At the outset, the need was for standard sizes, shapes and capacities. So each of the distilleries [received] an identifying number and my proposal was that each of the dating owens illinois glass factories also be numbered.

After several weeks of study and discussion, a simple code was devised. Numbers were used to identify the month and year the bottle was manufactured and the plant in which it was made. An appropriate logotype or symbol would be added to identify the glass company which produced the bottle.

A letter from Toulouse to May Jones, published in Volume 5 of The Bottle Trailwas the first to identify at least in print the relationships between the Owens-Illinois mark and the numbers surrounding it. The markwas registered on April 1,and the company dating owens illinois glass first use on April Creswick To the left of the mark is a one- or twodigit number that identifies the plant that produced the bottle.

Toulouse provided a table on page Table 1 that identified all the Owens-Illinois plant codes. To the right of the mark is a one- or two-digit date code, and a mold code also numerals appears below the mark. Both archaeologists and collectors, however, have been perplexed that the single- digit date codes could reflect either the s or s.

For example, a date code of 2 could indicate or In some cases, other ways of dating the container such as the presence of an Color Label — a technique not perfected until could determine the decade of manufacture.

According to Toulouse, however, bottle production apparently began inso that eliminates the question of whether a single 9 would indicate or While looking at the amber beer bases from the El excavation, I dating owens illinois glass an interesting change in bottles marked with a zero 0.

Because Prohibition was not lifted untilthis meant that bottles marked with a zero were probably from However, many of the bottles had a zero followed by a period. These also had embossed stippling dating owens illinois glass the form of numerous tiny dots on the bases.

All bases marked 1. As noted by Toulouse Owens-Illinois registered the script version of the markon September 23,claiming first use on September 4, On beer bottles, the Duraglas mark was consistently used in conjunction with stippling.

The reason for stippling is not dating owens illinois glass obvious. According dating owens illinois glass the GlassPac wie flirtet ein verheirateter mann Web page During the manufacture of a dating owens illinois glass container there is a point at which the almost red hot bottle is lowered on to a relatively cool conveyor.

Glass is a poor conductor of heat. Therefore on contact with metal, the surface of the glass will cool quickly but the mass of glass behind it will not, leaving a temperature differential in the glass setting up stresses which may cause microscopic cracks to appear that may weaken the glass.

Base stippling lifts the body of the bottle clear from the conveyors restricting the heat loss from the bottle and eliminating the possibility of stress and possible dating owens illinois glass. In a personal communication, Robert C.

If too many bottles fail QC, they know where to look. Subsequent observation revealed that the combination of one-digit numbers and periods were to be found on soda and milk bottles as well. Eventually, a pattern emerged with the following results. At some point insomeone in the Owens Illinois Glass Co.

The answer was to add a period indicating a manufacture of or later. The stippling idea appears to have evolved about the same time, and all this was conceived in conjunction with the Duraglas process. That means s bottles may have either a 0 or 0. Occasionally, these periods are difficult to see because they are concealed in the stippling, but periods are generally larger than the stippling dots. Bottles made in may contain either single-digit numerals followed by periods or doubledigit markings, such as a 4.

In several cases, the initial 4 has been added as an afterthought, frequently slightly out of alignment with the other digits associated with the logo. Occasionally, a mold engraver forgot to change the code. The initial bottle used by the Illinois Brewing Co. However, I have found few exceptions to the period rule on returnable bottles. Bythe change to double-digit date codes appears to have been completely adopted by all the plants. Even dating owens illinois glass the Owens-Illinois engravers changed the date code each year, they did not create a new baseplate each time.

On many Owens-Illinois dating owens illinois glass, it is fairly easy with minor magnification to discern tooling marks where the old date code was peened flat and a new one imprinted into the mold to appear as an embossed date. By the s, the changes are virtually impossible to detect, probably because of improved technical skills.

Peening out old marks seems to have been used pretty extensively. The back heel, however, is marked 1 followed by a blanked-out triangle. The 7 to the right of the Owens-Illinois mark is a date code for the final year the plant was opendating owens illinois glass the mold had laid in storage at seven years prior to its reuse.

To remove all doubts, the factory code 21 is for one of the two San Francisco former Illinois Pacific plants. The bottom number on the logo also requires a bit of discussion. An appropriate logotype would be added to identify the glass company which produced the bottle.

Both the Illinois Glass Co. The new company adopted a logo and began marking its bottles with the plant code left of the logo and the year code to the right immediately. I found numbers of 1, 2, 5, 7, 8, 14, 16, and 18 although the 14 was on the later style of logo — without the diamond. The 14, 16, and 18, therefore, could not be codes for the month. Toulouse was apparently correct about this one.

However, the bottom number was applied inconsistently. Although many bottles from the dating owens illinois glass s include the bottom number, a large segment of them do not. Even as late as the s, these numbers are sometimes missing. The new mark was identical to the old dating owens illinois glass except that the elongated diamond was eliminated leaving only an I in an oval.

The dating scheme, however, remained the same with the company code to the left of the mark and the date code to the right. Other combinations of letters and numbers often appeared on some part of the base, possibly identification numbers for the bottle style catalog numbersalthough they could have other dating owens illinois glass. The timing of the change is subject to a bit of controversy.

According to Toulouse Both almost certainly referred to the change that occurred in Although planning for the change had begun a year earlier, was the year that Owens-Illinois Glass Co.

Processus Owens Illinois

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As the world's leading glass-packaging maker, we create beautiful, recyclable glass containers for many of the best-loved brands. Here's a snapshot of the global.
Illinois Glass Co. installed an Owens machine in The following year, The Dating Game by Bill Lockhart, Bill Lindsey, David Whitten and Carol Serr.
If you are an avid beach or sea glass collector, or glass bottle collector, this is a tutorial on how to date glass made by the Owens-Illinois company.
Between 0 and c. 1, Owens Bottle Company and Owens-Illinois Glass Company made millions of bottles and jars including familiar ones such as 7-Up and Heinz.
The Bewildering Array of Owens-Illinois Glass Co. Logos and Codes Bill Lockhart and Russ Hoenig [In, Lockhart wrote similar articles about maker’s marks and.

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Morbi gravida, sem non egestas ullamcorper, tellus ante laoreet nisl, id iaculis urna eros vel turpis curabitur.
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